CSS Class Trigger

What is CSS Class Trigger?

Two Step Modals with CSS classes let you use clickable images and buttons which when clicked, display a relevant  popup message or a form the user should act on.

Use of CSS Class Trigger

  • Ask the user to enter his email id after he has clicked on “Download Ebook”
  • Ask the user to enter their address and phone number to avail a free product demo
  • Ask the user to signup for updates about a particular topic or category
  • Ask the user to enter his email id to be notified when a particular product is available

Its time for CSS Class Trigger Demo

{{Your-Class-Name}} Click Me {{/Your-Class-Name}}

This is CSS Class

Did you miss something? Want to see this in action again? Close this modal and  click on the link that says "{{Your-Class-Name}} Click Me {{/Your-Class-Name}}".

Want to know about the Shortcode Trigger? Click on the button below.

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