Convert Plus Version 3.0.2: Security Update!

Hello Everyone!

Heres another update! Yes, the second one this month. 🙂

Convert Plus version 3.0.2 brings in a few new features, some fixes and most importantly termed as a security update. Let us take a look at some highlights of the update.

Security update for XSS vulnerability discovered in links

We came across a vulnerability in HTML links.

Version 3.0 : ConvertPlug is now ConvertPlus!

Hey Everyone!

I have an important announcement to share with you all: We are rebranding ConvertPlug to ConvertPlus!

This is only a name change. When you update from version 2.4.2 to 3.0.0 you should see ConvertPlug renamed to ConvertPlus in your WordPress backend.

Why are we doing this?


ConvertPlus Version 2.4.1: An Update with Important Fixes

Hello Peeps!

Its been a month since we’d released the last update! An update that brought in some new features and fixes into ConvertPlus.

Today, we are back with an update again! Although we haven’t added anything new or a major change in the plugin, ConvertPlus version 2.4.1 will help you use the toggle button completely (not just the arrow or a specific part on it) and a few fixes that many of you were waiting for.

ConvertPlus Version 2.3.3: !Important Security Update

We are back with an important update of ConvertPlus!

This is a security update and we’ll be releasing it as ConvertPlus version 2.3.3.

The vulnerability was reported privately by an expert security researcher. And, it is highly recommended that you update all the older versions of ConvertPlus and make sure you have the latest version,

ConvertPlus Version 2.3.2: Get Subscriber Notifications and more…

Wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Before we end with the first month of this year, we present to you the most awaited version 2.3.2 of ConvertPlus. With features like subscriber notifications for a default campaign, displaying dynamic values in social share styles for networks like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and StumbleUpon,

ConvertPlus Version 2.3.0: Introducing 30+ New Styles!

Working on an all in one solution for lead generation and making it easy-to use, we also focus on styling and customization. This can be seen through the 100% customizable pre-designed and blank styles. Unlike the previous versions of ConvertPlus, that gave you a handful of templates and layouts that can be customized to suit your website theme and purpose,

ConvertPlus Version 2.2.0: Control Double Opt-in Feature for Third Party Mailers

ConvertPlus Version 2.2.0 comes along with a series of newly introduced features and a few improvements too. In this version, we have introduced two important controls through which you can manage the double opt-in option for mailers and grant access to different user roles on your site.

There are also a few design features we have worked on and implemented the Partial AJAX call in the customizer to improve its performance.

ConvertPlus Version 2.1.0: Display Inline, as Widget Box, and more…

In ConvertPlus Version 2.1.0, we have introduced smart triggers that let you display a module inline; before or after a post, the ConvertPlus Widget, the Countdown Modal style and the ConvertPlus Addon installer, along with a few improvements and fixes to make your experience even more pleasurable.

This update also has an important change in the method used to integrate with mailers.

ConvertPlus Version 2.0.0: Add Multiple Input Fields in a Form

Taking into account the need for multiple form fields in modules, flexi-style and social media modules, additional triggers, a better analytics experience and a few minor formatting ideas, we present to you the latest Version 2.0.0 of ConvertPlus.

A few highlights in this version:

– New: Introduced unlimited input field support for all forms &

ConvertPlus Version 1.1.1: Improved Manual triggers and more

– Improvement: Manual triggers support like shortcode, display inline for Info Bar & Slide In
– Improvement: Push page down support for Info Bar
– Improvement: Special pages (Frontpage / Blog Page / Search / 404 / Author / Archive) support in Target Pages setting
– Fixed: Mozilla Firefox hyperlink issue

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