Introducing Geo Location Tracking for Location based Messages in Convert Plus 3.3.3


Its been a while since I last wrote to you. We had introduced the Honeypot field and the ability to add links in the checkbox label in Convert Plus version 3.3.1.

Today, I present to you Convert Plus version 3.3.3. This update introduces the Geo-Targeting feature that allows you to track user’s location and show or hide the specific module. There are a couple of new features that accompany this one too. Let us take a look at some highlights.

Geo Location Tracking

We’ve been contacted by many users asking us whether they could track the location of users to hide or show specific modules. Yes, you can do that from now!

You’ll find this option within the Behavior settings -> Target Visitors tab. Enable the Geo Location settings and set the Display and Exclusion rules as shown in the screenshot below.

To know more, you can refer to our knowledge base article about the Geo Location feature in Convert Plus.

Change Email Address to receive Error Notifications

You all might have heard about the error notifications that Convert Plus sends when a form does not get submitted. An error notification is often sent to the website administrator. However, Convert Plus version 3.3.3 onwards you can change the email address or add multiple email addresses where you wish to receive such notifications.

You can read our knowledge base article to know more about how you can add or change email addresses to receive error email notifications.

Close a Custom Form

Have you ever created a custom form using Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, etc. within Convert Plus? You might have even realized that such forms would not close after submission.

But, with Convert Plus version 3.3.3 this is made possible.

There are many more improvements and fixes that we release in this update. You can read about them in the changelog.

You might have already received an update notification in your WordPress backend. If not, please make sure you have activated your copy of Convert Plus.

In the Closing…

We aren’t stopping here!

We’ll be back with something new and exciting in another update soon. Until then, enjoy these new features and feel free to let us know in case you have any further ideas or need help with anything.

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