Check out what's new with Convert Plus

Version 3.4.2

16 May 2019

– Security update with cross-site scripting vulnerability issue.

Version 3.4.1

27 Feb 2019

– Improvement: Import/ Export includes analytics.
– Fixed: Resolved conflict with `Order Attachment Pro for WooCommerce` plugin.
– Fixed: Error notification email issue.

Version 3.4.0

14 Jan 2019

– New: Option to display a popup if Woocommerce item is in the cart on exit intent trigger.
– New: Option to load Js/CSS asynchronous.
– Fixed: Form Separator error for Jugaad style of the inline module.
– Fixed: Conflict with Twenty Nineteen Theme.

Version 3.3.6

29 Oct 2018

– Fixed: Direct Download Template Close Link not working.
– Fixed: Share count not working issue due to some API get deprecated.
– Improved: The extra addition of the slashes in the enqueue style.
– Improved: Added version number to all CSS and JS files.

Version 3.3.5

12 Sep 2018

– Fixes: Added ‘after_cp_activate’ action hook.
– Fixes: Error_logs for Geolocation.
– Fixes: PharData class not exist error.

Version 3.3.4

5 Sep 2018

Version 3.3.4
– Fixes: GEO Location breaks the site.
– Fixes: Contact not submitted with info bar and Slide in for Zapier.

Version 3.3.3

3 Sep 2018
  • New: GEO Location target setting to display or hide module in a particular country or countries
  • New: Option to change the Email address to receive Error notification.
  • New: Option to close gravity form from Convert Plus modules after form submission.
  • Improvement: Changed Google+ icon in social media style.
  • Fixed: YouTube Autoplay video not getting closed
  • Fixed: Audio not closed on popup close event for autoplay video.
  • Fixed: PDF file name set to NAN
  • Fixed: Inline modal popup background issue

Version 3.3.2

24 Jul 2018
  • New: Feature to export Analytics.
  • New: Prevent form submission for particular domain email IDs.
  • New: Introduced lazy load images.
  • New: Introduced Subscriber/ Newsletter template for Slide-In.
  • New: Introduced a filter to display specific Convert Plus module if some URL parameters set.
  • Improvement: Download multiple files after redirect URL on form submission.
  • Fixed: Space and scroll issue for the modal popup.
  • Fixed: HTML in Checkbox label is broken.

Version 3.3.1

2 Jul 2018
  • New: Honeypot field to prevent spam entries through Convert Plus opt-in forms.
  • New: HTML support for checkbox label.
  • New: HTML code can be added to input field name.
  • Improvement: Number field CSS to remove arrows from the field.
  • Fixed: Import modules issue while importing templates from the Convert Plus site.
  • Fixed: Creating variant failed to duplicate the parent style.
  • Fixed: Inline form misalignment issue.
  • Fixed: SendGrid list not visible in Connects dashboard.
  • Fixed: Modal’s full screen background color not visible.
  • Fixed: Modal’s overlay background image not getting exported.

Version 3.3.0

25 May 2018
  • New: Custom form analytics for Contact form 7, Gravity form and Ninja form.
  • New: Added option to disable data storage in WordPress backend
  • New: Background image option for overlay.
  • New: Custom selector to trigger popup.
  • New: Option to add Custom class for modules.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Wp Emember plugin.
  • Fixed: Default Campaign not created on first time of plugin installation.
  • Fixed: Checkbox Field in form is not working in Firefox and Safari.
  • Fixed: Background image issue for preset.

Version 3.2.3

23 Apr 2018
  • Fixed: WordPress user role added to the site due to in synch addons missing settings.

Version 3.2.2

12 Apr 2018
  • Improvement: Feature to alot WordPress user role to subscribed user.

Version 3.2.1

11 Apr 2018
    • New: Included style name in subscriber notification email.
    • New: Added custom field for passing user IP address & time.
    • New: Added feature to set subscribed user as a WordPress user for site.
    • New: Added Instagram network in social media styles.
    • Improvement: Users can share as many images as they want on Pinterest (through Social styles).
    • Fixed: Conflict with Divi visual builder.
    • Fixed: Conflict with The-Voux theme.
    • Fixed: Image upload issue.
    • Fixed: Scheduler status not visible.
    • Fixed: PHPCS error.
    • Fixed: Duplicate form ID issue.

Version 3.2.0

1 Feb 2018
  • New: License Registration screen and process.
  • Fixed: Close popup on gravity form submission.
  • Fixed: Info bar push page down issue with some theme.
  • Fixed: An empty row content issue for Avada theme.
  • Fixed: Scroll function called on every scroll event causing the delay for the page.
  • Fixed: Impression count not working.
  • Fixed: Video autoplay not working on the desktop.
  • Fixed: Modal Autoclose not working.
  • Fixed: HTML syntax error for data-form-layout.
  • Fixed: Fullscreen modal space issue.
  • Fixed: HTML from success message not working.

Version 3.1.3

22 Dec 2017
  • Fixed: Hide on devices not working.
  • Fixed: Contact not getting added to default campaign.
  • Fixed: Theme added empty row if load after post enabled.