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Version 3.1.3

22 Dec 2017

Version 3.1.3 Dec 22, 2017.

  • Fixed: Hide on devices not working.
  • Fixed: Contact not getting added to default campaign.
  • Fixed: Theme added empty row if load after post enabled.

Version 3.1.2

15 Dec 2017

Version 3.1.2 Dec 15, 2017.

  • New: Added delete all style feature.
  • Fixed: Infobar page push down issue.
  • Fixed: Infinite refresh loop on click of “Delete” button.
  • Fixed: Infobar scroll issue for push page down on IOS devices.
  • Fixed: Infobar manual display shortcode doesn’t work.
  • Fixed: Page scroll issue while Infobar or Slide-In open on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Jobster theme.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Amazone link builder plugin.

Version 3.1.1

7 Dec 2017


  • Fixed: License page not working issue.

Version 3.1.0

6 Dec 2017


  • Added Gradient background option for the Jugaad style.
  • Added text color option for the modal and slide-ins success message.
  • Option to open redirection URL in new tab.


  • Show/ hide option added in logged in user targeting option.
  • Accept HTML tags in content for the Email notification.
  • JS optimisation on the frontend.


  • Close option not working for info bar in Mozilla browser.
  • Inline module’s impression count not working.
  • Focus issue with form field input.
  • Slide-in visibility on the front end.
  • Slide-in does not open on the second click while using click event.
  • Same Slide-in open on click of inputs from the inline slide in.
  • Default position for module image not working.
  • Info bar issue with Push down the page.
  • Schedule option not working issue for modules.
  • Target page settings not working for WooCommerce archive pages.

Version 3.0.3

12 Oct 2017


  • New: New gradient background option for module.



  • Fixed: Conflict with Imagify plugin.
  • Fixed: Conflict with WP Fastest Cache plugin.
  • Fixed: JS error due to frosty not defined.
  • Fixed: Issue of subscribe button is not focused on tab event.
  • Fixed: Referrer detection not working issue.
  • Fixed: iPhone input field focus not set issue.
  • Fixed: Lead data not passed issue.
  • Fixed: JS error due to url_arr not defined.
  • Fixed: Target page setting not working for categories and tags.
  • Fixed: File export issue for user if header not set.
  • Fixed: Advance border issue for slide-in.
  • Fixed: Infobar page push not working.
  • Fixed: Gravity form not working with infobar.
  • Fixed: Gradient image issue.
  • Fixed: Delete style from customizer not working.
  • Fixed: Default campaign not created on first installation.

Version 3.0.2

20 Sep 2017


  • New: Introduced a filter to change countdown timers label for the language-specific popup.
  • New: Introduced countdown template for info bar.
  • New: Introduced border radius option for countdown background.



  • Fixed: Security update for XSS vulnerability.
  • Fixed: Slide-in opt-in widget issue – Minimize slide-in option not working properly if more than one slide-in present.
  • Fixed: Slide-in image position issue for the free widget.
  • Fixed: Social count not working.
  • Fixed: Plugin settings URL not working.
  • Fixed: Frosty issue.

Version 3.0.1

7 Sep 2017


  • New: Display after refreshing page x number of times
  • New: Feature to export contacts from all campaigns.
  • New: Feature to close an inline form after submission.
  • New: Added option to set subject and message for subscriber email notification.
  • New: Enabling or disabling a popup for specific user roles.
  • New: Multiple Selections to delete model.



  • Improvements: Add localization support for countdown template.
  • Improvements: Pagination improvement.
  • Improvements: Performance improvement.
  • Improvements: Tooltip improvement.



  • Fixed: Blurr text issue on retina display.
  • Fixed: Social media count not working due to API changes.
  • Fixed: Optimizing JS and CSS.
  • Fixed: Performance improvement.
  • Fixed: Tooltip improvement.
  • Fixed: If search result is empty, do not display pagination.
  • Fixed: If search result has more than limits then only pagination will visible.
  • Fixed: Email notification not working for all connects.
  • Fixed: Reduce Ajax call resources – Count unique impressions only.
  • Fixed: Special characters in inline modules are not visible.

Version 3.0

5 Jul 2017


  • New: ConvertPlug renamed to ConvertPlus.

Version 2.4.2

15 Jun 2017


  • New: Added a typography option for close link tooltip of modal.
  • New: Email notifications for all campaigns.
  • New: Added checkbox field to form builder.
  • New: Added option to set subject and message for subscriber email notification.
  • New: Multiple email ID’s can be added to receive subscriber notifications.
  • New: Hidden field that contain page_url name will generate current page URL.



  • Fixed: Template import does not work due to server configuration blocking file_allow_url.
  • Fixed: YouTube video not playing automatically if triggered with short-code.
  • Fixed: Free ebook templates background color not applied issue.
  • Fixed: Update contact if user is already subscribed for default campaign.
  • Fixed: Disabled impression count setting not working for inline modal.
  • Fixed: Option for Attached email field for layout 3 not working.
  • Fixed: Form Layout not working in customizer.

Version 2.4.1

23 May 2017


  • New : Option to minimize style on click of complete header for “optin to widget“.



  • Fixed : Info bar CSS issue for safari.
  • Fixed : Conflict due to disabled class with bootstrap CSS.
  • Fixed : Conflict due to Imagify plug in.
  • Fixed : Conflict with OptimizePress Experiments plug in.
  • Fixed : PHP warning notices.
  • Fixed : Impression count issue for more than one module open at same time.
  • Fixed : Redirect URL issue if popup is blocked.
  • Fixed : Special character issue from affiliate link.

Version 2.4.0

12 Apr 2017


  • New: Patched XSS Vulnerabilities.
  • New: Added border and font option for toggle buttons.
  • New: Added the shake animation effect for input field validation.
  • New: Added an option to disable Impression Count.
  • New: Added a feature to delete contacts from the campaign.
  • New: Added an option to make the button link NoFollow.



  • Fixed: Compatibility issues for PHP 5.3.
  • Fixed: Z index issue with a manual click trigger.
  • Fixed: Modal gets stuck on safari browser on scroll trigger.
  • Fixed: Contact form 7, comment form, registration form contact sync not working with default campaign.
  • Fixed: Alt text not set for all images.
  • Fixed: Download issue with PDF file for iPhone users.
  • Fixed: Campaign multiple list names not visible.
  • Fixed: Slide in opt-in widget minimize initially option not working.
  • Fixed: Create Campaign link does not work in the editor.
  • Fixed: SSL security issue after site migration

Version 2.3.3

7 Mar 2017


  • Fix: Fixed slide in and info bar module export functionality bugs.
  • Fix: Removed PHP notices on style list screen.
  • Fix: Patched XSS Vulnerabilities.



  • Improvement: Code hardening for better security.
  • Improvement: Added user capability checks for admin actions.
  • Improvement: General code cleanup.

Version 2.3.2

5 Feb 2017


  • New: Subscriber email notification for Default campaign.
  • New: Dynamic share count for Social Media Styles.
  • New: Font family option for close text.
  • New: Two or more slide Ins open on the same page if one of them is floating social media style.



  • Improvement: Cookie functionality for variant styles.
  • Improvement: Fallback to wp_get_attachment_image_url function.
  • Improvement: Referral detection functionalit.
  • Improvement: Hide on devices option for mobile.



  • Fixed: Conflict with the FlatSome theme.
  • Fixed: Function name Conflict with dynamic X Theme.
  • Fixed: CSS conflict for placeholder with Imprezia theme.
  • Fixed: Style Import/Export issue with SMTP Postman plugin.
  • Fixed: Conflict with WP All import plugin.
  • Fixed: Tool-tip conflict with Optimizely plugin.
  • Fixed: Scrollbar error for Slide In.
  • Fixed: Pinterest JS issue.
  • Fixed: Modal elements overlapping other elements even after closing.
  • Fixed: YouTube style border appearing an issue.
  • Fixed: Border property not working for variant style in the customizer.
  • Fixed: After Form Submission error for “Do nothing” option.

Version 2.3.1

20 Jun 2016


  • New: Social media with Form modal style.
  • New: Social article modal style.
  • New: Free widget slide in style.
  • New: Connect Input Box and Button Option.
  • New: Filter hook for target page settings.
  • New: HTML tags allowed in success and failure message after form submission.
  • New: Added input box radius option.
  • New: Added option to set time for displaying close button.
  • New: Retrieving alt attribute for media images.
  • New: Added Download File option after redirection.
  • New: Added Positions for Close Button.
  • New: Added option to Display module when user scrolls to a certain ID or Class on the page.
  • New: Added option to Auto close module.
  • New: Added option to set actions after successful form submission.
  • New: Added option to minimize opt-in widget slide in style on load.



  • Improvement: Display style edit link at front end only for users who has access to ConvertPlus.
  • Improvement: Fixed conflicts with WooCommerce, Ultimate Member and Blog Manager plugin



  • Fixed: Mod security for relative image path.
  • Fixed: Modal overlapping on other HTML containers after closing.
  • Fixed: Sanitize folder name issue while importing style.
  • Fixed: Custom CSS style including multiple times

Version 2.3.0

19 May 2016


  • New: Introduced 30+ new styles.
  • New: Introduced social media styles and social bars.
  • New: Introduced predefined images set for close image.
  • New: Introduced style importer which will import hotlink images in WP Media.



  • Improvement: Google font import / export through style exporter.
  • Improvement: Something went wrong email notification to administrator



  • Fixed: Fatal error for memory exhausted issue, improved target pages setting.
  • Fixed: Form field values in customizer are not saving.
  • Fixed: Conflict with WooCommerce update counter.
  • Fixed: File permission issue while style import