All Changelogs / ConvertPlug

Version 3.5.19

27 Apr 2021


  • Select2 Library Update to the latest version.


  • Advance Design Option – Border changes does not appear in the preview.
  • Form Field – Dropdown field values stored horizontally.
  • Popup Cookie not setting when no form field used.

Version 3.5.18

24 Mar 2021


  • Support latest jQuery function deprecations with WordPress 5.7.


  • Showing PHP Notice: WP_Scripts::localize was called incorrectly.
  • Schedule date disappears on modification in the customizer.
  • Youtube template – Video not appearing when popup is in inline.
  • Youtube template – Autoplay not working.
  • Bridge Theme conflict with the Convert Plus popup customizer.
  • Dropdown content not displayed properly in the popup customizer.
  • Contact Form 7 – Not able to autoclose the popup after submitting the form.
  • Unwanted arrow appearing for Ebook Template.

Version 3.5.17

11 Jan 2021


  • Module templates not loading in the Customizer.
  • Custom class name not added for Modal popup.

Version 3.5.16

9 Dec 2020


  • Compatibility with WordPress v5.6 – CKEditor changes not reflecting on front-end.
  • Compatibility with PHP 8.0. – Deprecated: Function zip_open() and Required parameters after optional parameters in function/method signatures.


  • Border unique ID issue Border in customizer.
  • Box shadow dropdown selection not working in customizer.

Version 3.5.15

3 Nov 2020


  • JS console error showing on CF7 form, Gravity form, and Ninja form submission.
  • Convert Plus Affiliate link updated.

Version 3.5.14

20 Oct 2020


  • Slide-in CTA reappearing on after submission action.
  • Target Special pages selected not saving.

Version 3.5.13

22 Sep 2020


  • Info-bar CTA – Hide popup after ‘x’ seconds of Submission not working.
  • Slide-in CTA not able to Import.
  • PHP Notice displayed on Info-bar CTA Customizer.
  • Submit button Animation not working.

Version 3.5.12

17 Aug 2020


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.5.


  • CSS improvements for Convert Plus Back-end.
  • Popups not triggering when selected Blog/Post Page and/or Front Page.
  • Select box text not aligned under the Analytics Page.

Version 3.5.11

1 Jul 2020


  • Conditionally load Geo-Location files.


  • Not able to add new Social Media Network in Modules.
  • Social Media Template – Facebook share count not working.
  • Social Media Template – Twitter share count not working.

Version 3.5.9

27 May 2020
  • Fixed: PHP warnings showing for the Modules.
  • Fixed: Content not displayed properly for the Modules in front-end.

Version 3.5.7

14 Apr 2020
  • Fixed: Campaign Analytics and Contacts not displaying according to the list.
  •  Fixed: Media not uploading when Gutenberg installed.
  •  Fixed: Cannot add new Social Icons in the module
  •  Fixed: YouTube Module not displaying on the mobile devices.
  •  Fixed: Floating Social Bar not displaying Profile Link in the customizer.
  • Security: User capability check added for ajax actions.
  • Fixed: PHP notice with the latest version of PHP.

Version 3.5.6

12 Mar 2020
  • Fixed: Hidden field not displayed in the frontend.
  • Fixed: Checkbox field not rendering HTML in the frontend.
  • Fixed: Create Campaign button not working.
  • Fixed: Exporting CSV file for contacts not working for the particular campaign.
  • Fixed: Contact details not displaying.
  • Fixed: Delete Campaign not working.
  • Fixed: Campaign Analytics not displayed.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary displaying of the HTML span tag when used shortcode.
  • Fixed: Dropdown field not displayed in the frontend.
  • Fixed: Timezone variable exception

Version 3.5.5

13 Feb 2020
  • Fixed: Activate License link not displayed on the Plugins Page.