Convert Plus Version 3.3.2: Export Analytics and more Features


Have you ever wanted to download a copy of the analytics report for monthly tracking or to share it with someone? Convert Plus version 3.3.2 introduces this and many more features.

Along with this, version 3.3.2 will also allow you to block submissions from users having an email ID of a specific domain and offer multiple downloadable files together. Let us take a quick look at the highlights of this update.

Feature to Export Analytics

Many times you would want to export the analytics i.e the performance of a particular module or set of modules and keep track of how it works. You can download a CSV file with the impressions, conversions or conversion rates of the selected module or modules.

Let us take a quick look at a knowledge base article that explains how we can export the Convert Plus analytics.

Disallow Submissions from Specific Domain ID’s to Submit the Forms

A lot of users contacted us for a feature that would allow them to block submissions coming in from a particular domain ID. We are happy to be introducing it now!

With this feature, you can block spammy domains and prevent spam submissions along with submissions coming in from some specified domain IDs. In our previous update, we introduced the Honeypot field and now this feature will also help you prevent spam.

You can take a look at the article in our knowledge base to learn more about how you can disallow submissions coming from a particular domain ID.

Lazy Load Images

Website load time is a major concern nowadays. Therefore, to contribute a little to your optimizing factors, we’ve introduced the lazy load images option in Convert Plus. This means that the images will be loaded only when the module appears. This option is enabled by default.

To know more about the lazy load images in Convert Plus, you can refer to our knowledge base article.

New Slide-in Style

Its been really long since we introduced a ready-made template in Convert Plus. Many of you requested us to do so. But, as informed we had and still have a lot more features, improvements, and fixes to work on. But, now we made time to introduce a slide-in style in this update. This is just the beginning and we’ll keep introducing some more in the days to come.

Apart from these, we worked on many more things mentioned in the changelog. You can also read through a couple of articles to know more about a new filter we added to display module when a specific parameter is set in the URL and the ConvertFox integration.

Display or Hide a Module when a specific parameter is set in the URL

Convert Plus integration with ConvertFox

In the Closing!

These were just a few things for now! But, you know we are working on a lot more.

Have any suggestions and ideas you want us to work on? Please feel free to post them in the comments below or write to us. 🙂

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