How to Set Lazy Load Images in Convert Plus?

Available from version 3.3.2

What Is Lazy Loading?

Optimizing images and decreasing their load time is one of the quickest and easiest tips for website performance optimization.

Lazy loading images mean images are loaded asynchronously on the website. This means that the images are loaded when the above fold content is fully loaded, or conditionally only when they appear in the browser’s viewport. It highly affects the page load speed. Lazy loading images make sure that rest of the content on the page is loaded soon and then the image is loaded only when the user arrives at that position.

You might have come across many websites or webpages that have lazy loading images on them. They work as follows:

  • You arrive on a page and scroll down as start reading to surfing through the page.
  • At some point, you will come across a placeholder image.
  • This placeholder image is suddenly replaced by the final image when it appears in the viewport.
Lazy Load of images in Convert Plus –

Convert Plus is a lead generation plugin that helps you capture lead data and display messages to users within different modules. In Convert Plus, the module images can be loaded using JavaScript asynchronously after the page loaded. For this, we introduced a new option to load images asynchronously i.e without affecting the page load time.

Let us take a look at how you can enable the Lazy Load Images in Convert Plus.

Convert Plus gives you a setting that you need to enable so that the Lazy Load Image is included on all the modules and opt-in forms you create using Convert Plus.

Go to Convert Plus Dashboard -> Modules -> Advanced Settings

Enable the “Lazy Load images” option as seen in the screenshot below.

Save changes and you are done!

You can follow the same steps and disable this option in case you wish to disable the Lazy Load Images.



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