Convert Plus Version 3.3.1: Introducing Honeypot field and HTML support for Checkbox Label

Shout out to all those who wish to add a link on the Checkbox Label and to those who wish to stop spam entries!

We present to you Convert Plus version 3.3.1, with new features such as a Honeypot field, a link in the checkbox label and much more.

Let us take a quick look at few highlights:

Honeypot field in Convert Plus

A number of users contacted us to know whether they can avoid spam entries through the opt-in forms created on Convert Plus. Earlier, this was possible using third-party plugins to embed a code for captcha. However, we were working on a permanent solution that would work best in this case. So, heres the honeypot field that we’ve introduced in Convert Plus version 3.3.1.

The Honeypot field is a hidden field created using JavaScript and CSS. It remains hidden to the human eye, but spambots detect it like any other field on the form. This is why spambots will submit the for with a value in this field too. Entries that contain a value within the honeypot field are detected as spam and therefore aren’t saved into your list.

The Honeypot field in Convert Plus is enabled by default. You are also given an option to disable it. To know more about this field, you can refer to our knowledge base article that introduces the Honeypot field in Convert Plus.

HTML allowed in Checkbox Label

After the GDPR craze that started coming in, a lot of users contacted us with the need to add a link to their terms and conditions or privacy policy page through the checkbox label. Adding a link within the form was possible, but not through the checkbox label.

In Convert Plus version 3.3.1 we’ve made this possible! You can now add links from within the checkbox label and redirect users to a page you want them to refer.

HTML allowed in Input Field Name

With custom fields for GDPR being added in various third-party softwares, many of you contacted us to help collect the consent checkbox value in this field. It was not possible earlier since the field names could not match and it was becoming difficult to map them.

With Convert Plus version 3.3.1, we’ve made that possible too.

Apart from these new features, there are a few fixes that we’ve introduced in this update. You can refer to the changelog to know more.

Whats More?

We are continuously working on making Convert Plus better day by day. This is with respect to the features, functions and even integrations that we release every now and then.

Just to give you a quick idea about the recent happenings, we’ve worked a couple of integrations several users contacted us for. You can read the respective articles to know more.

Convert Plus integration with SendGrid
Convert Plus integration with Zapier

Haven’t you given them a try yet? Go ahead and try them now. You can also update Convert Plus to the latest version through your WordPress updates page. Make sure you have activated your license to receive an update notification.

Have anything more to say? Please feel free to post them in the comments below or simply get in touch. 🙂

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