Convert Plus Version 3.0.2: Security Update!

Hello Everyone!

Heres another update! Yes, the second one this month. 🙂

Convert Plus version 3.0.2 brings in a few new features, some fixes and most importantly termed as a security update. Let us take a look at some highlights of the update.

Security update for XSS vulnerability discovered in links

We came across a vulnerability in HTML links. This has been patched in WordPress 4.8.2. We’ve fixed that in Convert Plus too! This is why we call this a security update and recommend you to update Convert Plus asap.

Countdown Timer in Infobar

Many users had contacted us with this requirement. With Convert Plus version 3.0.2 we have now introduced a new template that comes with a countdown timer in an infobar!

This is not all! For all the other things we’ve worked on in this update, you can take a look at our changelog.

Before saying bye, I would again remind you to update Convert Plus as soon as possible.

Have a suggestion or a thought to share, you can share it in the comments below, or drop in a post in our Facebook group. In case you need help from our developers, you can always write to us. 🙂

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