Convert Plus Version 3.0.3: Introducing the Gradient Background with many more fixes

Hello People!

After having released the security update, we resumed work on making Convert Plus even better to make you happier!

While there are a lot more new things we’ve thought of, we’ve introduced the gradient backgrounds that you can use in the modules. This is accompanied by a number of fixes as you can see in the changelog here. The fixes include fixing of a couple or features that weren’t working, a few errors that occurred unexpectedly and a couple of conflicts with plugins like WP Fastest Cache Plugin and Imagify.

It is highly recommended that you update Convert Plus as soon as possible. This will give you access to the gradient background feature and the fixes that come along.

Have a suggestion or a thought to share, you can share it in the comments below, or drop in a post in our Facebook group. In case you need help from our developers, you can always write to us. 🙂

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