Version 3.4.3 : Security Update!

We released a security update in Convert Plus version 3.4.2 just a couple of weeks ago. Today, we are back with an update that tightens the security even further!

Thank you Wordfence!

We are thankful to the team at Wordfence, who reported a vulnerability. We worked closely with them to understand the issue further and released a fix within 3 days.

There is nothing to panic as we’ve not come across any known breakthroughs caused due to this vulnerability.

Here are the things we’ve worked on apart from the code changes –

  • Released an automatic update immediately after we fixed the issue.
  • Taking further precautionary measures and are actively working with security experts to ensure no other vulnerability is present.

Immediate Action Required!

Since this is a security update, it is highly recommended that you update Convert Plus to the latest version so that you can sit back and relax! 🙂

Fighting Security Vulnerabilities Together!

We strongly believe that security is not an absolute and a one time fix that will work. It is a continuous process and should be managed regularly with regular checks and updates.

While we make sure to sweep off security issues, we do not assume that they will never come. Our job is to identify them, debug the cause and release an update as soon as possible – so that it does not affect any of our users. We are the right one to it!

Since Convert Plus is added on CodeCanyon, it might take a while for the updated version of the plugin to be available for download. Therefore, in such cases, we release an automatic update that one can access through the WordPress backend.

We highly recommend our users to activate their license, so that they do not miss on such update notifications and can update Convert Plus with a single click.

Wrapping it up!

Having said this, we assure continuous assistance and commitment to providing quality and security even stronger. We are constantly working to make sure our products are secure and reliable.

Have any further questions about this update? Please feel free to get in touch with us at support[at]bsf[dot]io.

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    thanks for the blog. that is helpful

    Do you have a setting that allows one to FORCE to enter an email before letting others see the page content?

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