How to Update ConvertPlus?

There are two main methods to update the plugin.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

I do not see any updates. Where can I find them?

Please make sure you have activated your Convert Plus license key.

How to update a bundled version of ConvertPlus (i.e. if you have received ConvertPlus with a theme)?

You need to contact your theme author to update the plugin for you.

How to update ConvertPlus Addons automatically?

Automatic updates for ConvertPlus Addons are seen similar to that for the core plugin. You can refer to the steps to receive automatic updates.

Where can I download the zip files of ConvertPlus addons?

Apart from the Addons section in ConvertPlus, you can download the ConvertPlus Addons from our website too.

You can download the addon you wish to use and install it like any other plugin.

How to update ConvertPlus Addons manually through WordPress backend?

  • Download the latest version of the Addon.
  • Uninstall the previous version of the Addon from the plugins page on your website (Deactivate and Delete the plugin)
  • Install the latest version of the plugin.
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