Convert Plus Version 3.2.0: A New Method for License Registration!

Hello Everyone!

Its been quite some time since I wrote to you! Almost two months now…

We’ve already entered February 2018, and we have an important update that needs to be looked into by those who will be purchasing a license hereafter or for those who have not yet registered their licenses.

These changes in the license activation / registration process are made so that it becomes more easier and smoother. Now, you can just login with Envato oAuth APIs and activate your license quickly!

We have an article that will help you activate your Convert Plus license.

Well, if you have already registered your license, you need not worry! You won’t need to do a thing as your license registration will be automatically migrated. You do not have to do anything. As mentioned above, this update is for all those who will be purchasing the license after this update (version 3.2.0 and above) and for all those who haven’t registered their license yet.

For those of you, who ask customers to purchase a license and usually don’t have access to their Envato account, we’ve got you covered! You can still just ask them the purchase key and register with it by using the link “Activate license key using Purchase key“.

Apart from this major change, we’ve worked on a few fixes mentioned in the changelog.

You can go ahead and update Convert Plus and begin using the latest version 3.2.0.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. For technical help or support, you can get touch through our support center.

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