How to Activate Exit Intent in ConvertPlus?

Exit Intent is a technology using which, one can track user performance and mouse movements while a user is browsing the website.

Why Exit Intent?

Successful Online Marketing strategies bring in a lot of traffic to your websites. But, there is a huge difference in the number of visitors who are interested in your website and those who abandon it soon. This is where you need the exit intent technology.

You can track user performance and display an offer, a message or give them a freebie they may be interested in just when they are about to leave your website. This also contributes in increasing the overall conversion rate of a website.

With ConvertPlus you can use the exit intent popups track user performance and the mouse movement to hold back abandoning visitors.

Using the Exit Intent technology in ConvertPlus is just a few clicks away.

Take a look at the following steps

1. Select and Design a Module. Open it in the Editor. Click on Behavior.

Behaviour section in ConvertPlug editor

2. Click Smart Launch

Smart Launch under Behavior in ConvertPlug

3. Enable Exit Intent

Enable Exit Intent in ConvertPlug

Note: Make sure all the other triggers are switched off when you wish to display a module only when a user is about to exit.

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