How to Enable the Referrer Detection settings in ConvertPlus?

There may be times when a website owner wishes to customize the message displayed according to the visitors it will be displayed too.

There might be some offers that you wish to present to those who visit your website through a specific domain and the others to people coming through another domain.

ConvertPlus lets you detect the domain your visitors are coming from. You can use this Referrer Detection feature that detects referring domains and lets you display customized messages or opt-in forms.

Let us see how we can work with the Referrer Detection in ConvertPlus.

1. Create a Design a Module. Open it in the Editor.

Module in ConvertPlusEditor

2. Open the Behavior section

bahavior section in ConvertPlusEditor

3. Click on Target Visitors

Target visitors section in ConvertPlusEditor

4. Go to Referrer Detection

There are two possibilities here:

If the Button is disabled, you can enter the domains you wish to hide the module for. See image below.

Referrer Detection

If the Button is enabled, you can enter the domains you wish to display the module for. See image below.

Hide Module option in ConvertPlusEditor

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