How to send the Welcome Email with ConvertPlug & Auto Responder Software?

ConvertPlug seamlessly integrates with various auto responder softwares (third party mailers) that allow you to send emails automatically on particular events or triggers (eg – automatic welcome email to a new subscriber)

The process is simple as this –

1. Pick any auto responder software of your choice

2. Connect it with ConvertPlug (related docs here)

3. ConvertPlug will generate leads from your website and send them to your software & list

4. Make appropriate settings in the software so that it sends a welcome email (may be with a link to download the file)

Since ConvertPlug integrates with many softwares, we won’t go in the details & settings of those. Below are a few links we found on their respective sites that explain the process to send a welcome email.

You can find the related article for your software on Google or their knowledge base –

ConvertPlug focuses on generating leads from your website and integrates with major softwares where you can nurture them.

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