How to Use the ConvertPlus Addon Installer?

Available From Version 2.1.0

ConvertPlus lets you capture leads through various modules and store them in the default campaign or the ones created through the integration with third party mailers.

There are a number of add-ons you might need for various reasons.

Eg: The individual mailer add-ons that support integrations with third party mailers, the In Sync Addon, the ConvertPlus Addon for WPBakery Page Builder, and many more.

All these add-ons and a lot more that support various functionalities of ConvertPlus are available for FREE.

You no longer need to run about downloading these add-ons elsewhere. ConvertPlus comes with an installer that helps you install the required plugin directly into your website.

1. Open the Addons Page in ConvertPlus


2. Install the Required Addon

Addons installer


3. The Addon is now installed

Installed addon

You will then find the respective Addon under the “Installed Extensions” section

Installed Extensions in ConvertPlusAddon Installer

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