How to write custom CSS for a ConvertPlus Module?

Apart from the well-designed templates that ConvertPlus has with easy editing options, it also lets webmasters use Custom CSS code to design and customize modules according to their needs.

Designing a module using custom CSS class can be done in a few easy steps.

1. Select a module

Select any module

2. Open it in the Editor
Go to Design – > Advanced Design Options

Open Advanced Design Options in ConvertPlusEditor

3. Go to the Custom code section

Parent class of a modal in ConvertPlug

Each module has a unique CSS class associated with it. You can use this class as a parent class for your targeted elements.
This will avoid conflicts with other modules.

Your CSS Class will be something like this:

.unique_CSS_class .your-element {


Let us consider the module in the image above. The CSS class will then be:

.cp_id_984c3 .your-element {
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