How to use ConvertPlus for Google Tag Manager in Google analytics?

In order to track conversions, you will need to keep your Google Tag Manager informed about the modal id and the class name you are using for submit button.

Although it cannot be directly achieved now, you can do this by entering the ConvertPlus modal id and the class name in the tag manager.

Modal id: Go to Designs – > Advance Design Options and scroll till the end.

Class name: cp-submit

You can follow the steps below and to set google analytics

1) Go to to create an account (or to access an existing account).

2) Create a container for your site in the account. – A container holds all the tags for a specific website

3) Once you create a container, you can start creating tags for your website

=> You can add submit button text, form id, button class as tag.

4) Add triggers –

You can also create a trigger


5) Publish events – Once tags are added to a container they are not automatically published

You can also refer to the following articles for detailed assistance.



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