How to use the Social Media Style in ConvertPlus?

Website owners have been using Popups and opt-in forms for different reasons. Increasing Social signals, like Likes, shares and followers on social networking platforms can be effective too.

ConvertPlus has a Social Media Style that can be designed and customized in order to gain more social signals.

Let us take a look at how we can go about working on this.

1. Open the Modal Popups page

modal-popup-page in ConvertPlus

2. Click on “Create New Modal

Create new modal in ConvertPlug

3. Select the Social Media Template

Social media style among all other templates in ConvertPlug

Social Media style available in templates

4. Customize the Style
When you click on “Use this” the style will be opened in the Real Time Live Editor. You can then change the name, the design features and the settings of the style.

Social Media Style opened in ConvertPlug Editor

5. Click on the Social Networks tab

Social Network tab in ConvertPlug Editor

The Social Network Settings

i. Essential Configurations
ConvertPlus shows Facebook, Google, Twitter and Blogger by default. You can edit these and add new networks as well.

Add New Social Network in ConvertPlug style

When you click on a Network tab, you will find a number of attributes that can be modified.

Attributes of a Social Network in ConvertPlug

You can:
– Select a Social Media Network from the dropdown list
– Customize the Network name which will be displayed on the Modal.
– Select the action by selecting “Social shares” or “Profile Link”. Decide whether you want shares or page likes.

If you prefer the user to share the Content, you can decide whether you wish to use the Current page URL or customize it.
If you prefer a user to Like your page, you can enter your profile link below.

ii. Layout
You can edit the basic structure or the frame of the modal.

Edit modal layouts in ConvertPlug

You can
– Decide how the Social Networks should be displayed.
– Set number of columns
– Keep or remove Icon spacing

iii. Styling
This focuses on how the Social Network buttons look on the modal.

Styling of a Social Media Style

You can
– Change the shape of the icon. Keep it Circle, square or customize it and set the radius.
– Select a Flat, 3D or Overlay effect for the icon.
– Select a Hover effect for the icon
– Use Custom colors for the icon, text, text background, hovered icon, hovered text and hovered background.

iv. Advanced

Advanced Social Network settings in ConvertPlug

You can
– Decide whether you wish to display the network name
– Decide whether you wish to display Social shares. If yes, you can specify a minimum count too.

You can now use Instagram in your Convert Plus social styles.

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