What is MX Record Validation For Email in advanced settings?

ConvertPlus is built to help you grow your email list. You can do this through the beautiful opt-in forms you can create using the real time editor.

The email field is a compulsory field in all the forms. ConvertPlus has necessary validations set for all the fields, especially the email field.

But, another kind of validation one can set is the MX Record Validation.

What is an MX Record Validation?

MX Record Validation checks whether the email address entered by a user is valid or fake. Unlike the normal email validation factors that checks the characters and format of the text entered in the email field, the MX Record Validator checks whether the “email address” is genuine. It does this by checking whether the domain name exists and has email DNS settings configured.

For example:

  • If someone enters id@xyzabdc.com; which is not a valid domain name, it will ask the user to enter a valid email address.
  • If someone enters id@example.com; which is a valid domain name but does not have email DNS settings configured, it will again ask the user to enter a valid email address.
  • And if someone enters id@brainstormforce.com; which is a valid domain name and has email DNS settings configured too, the submission will be accepted.

ConvertPlus lets you use this validation along with the normal email validations too.

You will find the settings under the “Advanced Settings” in the Modules tab on the Dashboard of ConvertPlus.

In order to activate the MX Record Validation for all the opt-in forms created using ConvertPlus, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Click on the Modules tab in the ConvertPlus Dashboard

Open the Modules tab in the dashboard

2. Click on Advanced Settings

Advamced settings in ConvertPlus

3. Enable “MX Record Validations

Enable MX Record Validation in ConvertPlus

Note: MX Record Validation will require some 2-3 seconds for successful submission.

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