Why does my Name Field display N/A in Connects?

ConvertPlus comes along with an inbuilt lead capture tool, called Connects. Connects helps you store and manage leads within itself, or integrate with third party mailers.

After a successful submission, the email id gets stored immediately, but, it is found that the additional fields, like the name or a similar one show N/A.

For example:

I have a modal popup that asks a user to enter his Name and email address. Something like the one shown below.

Once submitted, it shows successful submission. But, when referred to the database in the back end, this is what I see:

This might be because the field name mentioned in ConvertPlus does not match that used in the individual third party mailer.

In case you are using Connects to store and manage leads internally, you will have to check the field name you entered in the Form builder for the specific module.

Make sure you have named the Name Field as “name”. This will make sure that the value obtained through the Name field is stored under the Name column.

Let us now try submitting the form again.

This is how the Name will be added to the specified campaign within ConvertPlus.

In case you have already integrated ConvertPlus with a third party mailer, you will have to follow the field name format they use. For more information about synchronizing fields, you can refer to the documents.


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