How to Collect leads through WooCommerce Checkout Form using ConvertPlus?

Like many other add-ons needed to work with ConvertPlus, the WooCommerce Checkout Form Addon is available within the Addon Installer of ConvertPlus.

In order to capture data obtained through WooCommerce Checkout Form, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Install the WooCommerce Checkout Form Addon
Install the Addon.

Validate purchase of ConvertPlus to install WooCommerce Checkout Form Addon

Note: If you are a direct customer (bought a direct copy from us), you will have to register your copy of ConvertPlus to validate your purchase, before installing this addon.

In order to learn how to use the Addon Installer in ConvertPlus, you can refer to the article here.

2. The Addon is now installed

WooCommerce Checkout Form Addon istalled with ConvertPlus

Note: You should have ConvertPlus and WooCommerce installed in order to proceed working with the addon.

3. Open the WooCommerce Checkout Form page


4. Enable the WooCommerce Checkout Form Integration
Enable the integration and click on save

Enable WooCommerce integration with ConvertPlus

5. Select the Campaign
You can select the Campaign you wish to store your leads in.

Select Campaign to be integrated with WooCommerce in ConvertPlus

You can then work on the other settings like enable/pre-check the checkbox, add approval filters or Load default CSS.

Save Changes.

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