Convert Plus Supports GDPR Regulations

What is GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation, also referred to as GDPR is a data protection law that will take effect from 25 May 2018. This is applicable to data collection that will impact any EU citizen whether or not he is a resident of the European countries.

Many websites have forms that collect user information and use them to build an email list. But, according to this regulation, no website owner is allowed to collect user information without his consent. This means you have to ask for the user’s consent, so that you can go ahead and store it. You can refer to this article to know more.

With just about 2 months left for this to be applicable, a number of website developers and owners contacted us to know whether Convert Plus supports GDPR and whether they can continue using it for collecting lead data.

You can continue using Convert Plus on your website!

Using Convert Plus with GDPR Terms

1. Obtaining User Consent

Convert Plus allows you to add a checkbox to take user consent. You can set this field as required or not required to save the data only when the user has given his consent.

You can take a look at the screenshot below to see how you can add a checkbox field in a Convert Plus opt-in form.

You simply can add a new field using form designer in Convert Plus. Select Field type as Checkbox and mark it as a “Required” field if needed. However, GDPR states that the checkbox should not be set as required and neither should it be pre-ticked. Refer the screenshot below.

2. Disclose Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

It is important to let the users know where and why they are giving consent. This is the reason you need to link to the terms and conditions page or the privacy policy page through the opt-in form. Convert Plus already allows you to add a link through any text on the form. From Convert Plus version 3.3.1 you can add a link in the checkbox label too. This makes it easier to point out and link to these pages while accepting consent through the checkbox.

You can simply use the anchor tag as shown below.

3. Data Storing and Processing

At present Convert Plus allows you to

  • Save user data in your WordPress backend (under the campaign in Connects)
  • Receive an email with subscriber information after successful form submission
  • Sends data to Email Marketing Service Providers or CRMs.

GDPR states that users have the right to information, can request access to their data, can ask you to rectify it, or contact you to delete it, etc. Therefore, if need be, you can access your email or communicate with the respective email marketing software or CRM you have integrated Convert Plus with and make necessary changes as requested by the user.

Receiving an email with subscriber data is completely your choice. You can choose to opt out of it. You simply need to go to Convert Plus dashboard -> Modules -> Advanced Settings. Disable the Subscriber Notification setting seen in the screenshot here.

In case you are saving the data in a third party software, you need to make sure that they comply with GDPR and will allow you to perform actions like sharing data with the user, modifying his data when requested, deleting his entry, etc.

With respect to the data being stored in your WordPress backend, we already have an option that allows you to delete a user entry. However, we’ve also worked on a solution that will help you disable the storing of data on your WordPress backend.

Note: I am sure most of the Email Marketing softwares, CRMs, autoresponders, etc. will comply with GDPR. But, I would still ask you to make sure that the third party software you are using is GDPR compliant.

4. Cookie Storage and Consent

GDPR states that any online identifiers that could be used to identify a person are counted as personal identifying data. This includes IP addresses, cookies, email addresses, devices, etc.

Convert Plus does not store any private information in cookies. This itself makes it GDPR compliant and you need not worry about user cookies being stored with this plugin.

5. Analytics and Tracking

Convert Plus has its own analytics that calculates the number of impressions and conversions received on a form. This does not in any way relate with the personal information of users. Therefore, you need not worry about this point.

However, we’ve also added an option to disable impression tracking.

Convert Plus has everything you need to be GDPR compliant. In case, there’ll be anything more to it, we’ll surely work on a solution and present it soon.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.