Where do Email IDs / Lead data go after Successful Submission?

Convert Plus comes with an inbuilt lead capture tool called Connects.

Connects allows you to create campaigns in which you can store the name and email IDs of users who submit a form successfully.

You can refer to an article to know more about a campaign in Convert Plus.

The email IDs that you collect through a module get stored in the specific campaign you select under the submissions section. Refer to the screenshot below.

First is a default campaign that is created in Convert Plus. If you have not created any new campaigns, your user submissions are saved under First.

You can further create many more campaigns and choose to store lead data in them or also integrate with third party softwares like mailers, autoresponders etc.

If you want to see the list of email IDs saved under a campaign, go to Convert Plus -> Connects -> Click on the Campaign name. This will open the list of email IDs you’ve collected in that particular campaign.


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