ConvertPlus Version 2.3.0: Introducing 30+ New Styles!

Working on an all in one solution for lead generation and making it easy-to use, we also focus on styling and customization. This can be seen through the 100% customizable pre-designed and blank styles. Unlike the previous versions of ConvertPlus, that gave you a handful of templates and layouts that can be customized to suit your website theme and purpose, in version 2.3.0, we present to you many more styles!

Yes, you heard that right! In ConvertPlus Version 2.3.0 we focus on styling! With over 30+ new styles, including social media styles, social bars and sticky boxes, you can now try different designs to woo your customers.

These along with a few tweaks and improvements on the original Lead generation tool, builds ConvertPlus Version 2.3.0!

A few Highlights in this Version:

– New: Introduced 30+ new styles
– New: Introduced social media styles and social bars
– New: Introduced predefined images set for close image
– New: Introduced style importer which will import hotlink images in WP Media
– Improvement: Google font import / export through style exporter
– Improvement: Something went wrong email notification to administrator
– Fixed: Fatal error for memory exhausted issue, improved target pages setting
– Fixed: Form field values in customizer are not saving
– Fixed: Conflict with WooCommerce update counter
– Fixed: File permission issue while style import

30+ New Styles
In the previous versions of ConvertPlus, we had already introduced a number of pre-designed templates and layouts you could use directly or customize them according your needs. We also had a set of downloadable designs displayed on our website.


In ConvertPlus version 2.3.0, we let you import these additional styles with a single click.

New Social Media Styles and Social bars
The Social Media style has been a favorite among a number of users. In this version, we made sure we give you many more options to display your social media icons in various positions on your website.


We have special modal popups, slide-in popups and infobars too to help you display your social icons!

Predefined Images set for Close images
With a couple of images used for the close link on all the modules, we let you import customized images you could use. In ConvertPlus version 2.3.0, we give you a set of predefined images that can be used according to your needs. This in turn minimizes the task of searching or creating an appropriate image for a module.

Predefined Close link images for ConvertPlus

Style Importer to import hotlink images into WP Media
As mentioned above, ConvertPlus version 2.3.0 gives you an additional set of 30+ pre-designed styles which you need to import. You will find the newly added styles under the respective module in ConvertPlus. You can import individual styles by clicking on “Import this” seen when you hover on the style.

Google font import / export through style exporter
We found that a number of users loved importing and exporting modules in ConvertPlus. Although this carried forward all the settings and images associated with the style, the Google fonts could not be inherited directly. Users had to add the specific Google font to the collection and reset the font style in the element. A tedious task!

ConvertPlus Version 2.3.0 is introduced with a solution to this. We have made sure that the font too is imported or exported along with the other settings of a style.

“Something went wrong” Email Notification to Administrator
There might be a number of reasons why a “Something went wrong” message will be displayed. A number of potential leads could be lost when this message is displayed quite often.

In ConvertPlus version 2.3.0, we provide a helping hand to the site administrators by notifying them when such a message is displayed. ConvertPlus sends a “Something went wrong” Email notification to the administrator, who can then rectify the issue and get it working!

Memory Exhaustion Issue: Improved Target Pages Setting
It was found that the earlier versions of ConvertPlus used to load all the pages, categories, etc. and list them below. This was the reason many of our users faced the memory exhaustion error. In this version, we made sure that the ConvertPlus does not load the list unless a user types in a few characters.

Message from the Team

We, at Team ConvertPlus believe in working on what you would love presenting before your customers. We know the importance of style!

Therefore, ConvertPlus Version 2.3.0 presents to you 30+ new styles with additional social media style and social bars too! We have introduced a style importer that will import all the styles and save the images in the WP Media at the click of a button.

Taking into consideration the tedious process of adding and setting Google fonts on imported styles, we have now made sure that the fonts are exported and imported along with the respective styles.

Administrators had a trouble analyzing why the “Something went wrong” message was displayed. We now extend a helping hand to administrators to notify and guide them when this message is displayed.

We have also worked on solving the Memory Exhaustion issue by improving the target pages settings in the customizer. Thus, making your experience better!

Like all the previous versions, we present to you ConvertPlus version 2.3.0, built with a lot of love care and creativity!

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